LOVE is fundamental

Having a job you enjoy is important because ….. Having a good education is important because ….. Staying fit is important because ….. If you would have to complete any of those sentences, you wouldn’t need to spend more than a few moments on each one, right? Because the reasoning behind it is something you have heard many times, discussed with others and reasoned with yourself in order to achieve it. You have made it your priority. But if I would ask you to complete this sentence:

Love is important because...

You would pause, think about it for more than a few moments… , and when you struggle to give an answer you feel makes sense, you may argue whether it is indeed that important.
The impact of LOVE is not as clear, not as visible and not as appreciated.
Why is that? I believe it is because when we are in a loving relationship, we may take certain parts of it for granted, and not appreciate the impact it has on our happiness and sense of wellbeing. I also believe that we don’t make the direct connection between LOVE and our self confidence, for example, or how much easier it is for us to connect with new people when our loving partner is by our side. How loving support helps us deal with daily stress, how we sleep better at night, and the list can go on and on.
When we aren’t in a loving relationship, we tend to focus on other parts of our lives and tell ourselves we don’t need love. Easier that way. We have more control on work, fitness, studying. And the pain is less if we don`t reach our goal.

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