Would you have an affair, if you wouldn’t be risking your marriage and hurting your partner?

It takes courage to raise a topic that has been bothering you for a while with your spouse. We tend to hold on to it for too long, letting it build up in our mind, creating doubt, fear, even distrust. The longer you wait with sharing, the harder it will be for you to share. So before it gets out of proportion, before you let high emotions take over…

1. Set the right “scenery” for you to open up. When the both of you are relaxed, before you go to bed, when the kids are in bed etc…

2. Start with a compliment, a nice memory, a funny joke, a kiss. Avoid accusation, or negativity.

3. Your partner most probably feels that something is slightly off, but is concerned with the impact of asking: Is everything ok? Manage this well and the communication & connection will strengthen.

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