Goal setting

What would I like to accomplish today? 
I start every day with this question. Doing it away from my desk and any distractions. Somewhere I can fill up my lungs with fresh air, my head with creative thoughts and ideas. 
Where is that place for you? What gets your creative juices flowing? 
What does it for me is being in a mindset of looking at the picture rather than being in it. A location that is not connected to my work. Taking that physical and mental break first thing in the morning helps me have a new angle to the target/s I am planning on reaching. 

Also, I find that setting up small daily goals are less stressful, easier to acknowledge one’s progress, and keep us more focused in the moment.
Yes, they are often connected to milestones and bigger future plans. However, the success of achieving these small daily goals, the manageable realistic ones, helps give a confident push to think bigger, further and progress faster.
Especially when you are working towards something that is outside your comfort zone… 
Do you have the same experience, or a different one? 

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