When it comes to dating, shortcuts don’t work

For the last 7 years, I have been matchmaking and preparing my clients for dates.  Let me be perfectly honest with you, the only way that really works, that gets you to connect and date genuine, honest people is when you, as a dater, do the work. 
The dating sites expose you to more online dating partners, and matchmakers will introduce you to offline ones which will be a much better match for you. 
However, your part is the most important one: 
Be engaged in the process by staying curious, open, confident, positive and empathic towards your potential partners. 
They are wonderful people, and just like you, are looking for love. 

They may have been disappointed and hurt in the past, or lost someone they loved, or simply haven’t yet found what they are looking for. 
That’s why I am here.. I can build a path for them, remove the pebbles, add light and make it much shorter, 
they still need to be the ones walking along the path. 

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