About me

By Sharon Eriksson

I love being a Love Coach

I support my clients through the process of having healthier, happier and more passionate relationships. It’s easier to give love when we get love. I am here to help my clients complete this circle. 

In 2016 I received my certification as a Coach and decided to focus on Relationship Coaching. 

Relationship coaching to me is learning how to give and receive more love, strengthen the emotional and physical connection and express your needs and wishes in a clear and confident way. 

In order to achieve that, you need to feel safe in your relationship. Confident in your worth. And use healthy and clear communication. 

Combining Negotiations & Relationship Coaching

In 2021 I studied Negotiations and started implementing many of my new skills into my coaching. 

I help my clients get what they want out of their relationship by training them to properly listen, observe small details, body language and tone of voice.

Being much more present when having conversation rather than in your head thinking about the next smart thing to say.

Couples I work with gain a lot from the additional set of skills when communicating with their partners and asking for change. 

Changes aren’t easy, smooth or risk free but when you are at a point in your life where you are unhappy or unfulfilled, it is time to try coaching and making the necessary changes in order to have a happier, healthier and more passionate relationship.

 We can not wait for things to happen! We need to work towards having them.

Sharon Eriksson marriage coach in Switzerland
Sharon Eriksson love coach in Switzerland

Combining Neuroplasticity & self development

In 2022 I completed another fascinating training in Neuroplasticity which is the brain’s ability to form new neuroconnection in our life like developing new skills and new abilities. Understanding why we feel the way we feel, how to control emotions and strengthen our cognitive logical thinking when making certain decisions. 

With that, I can help my clients remove emotional barriers when experiencing new  behaviours and habits. 

When dating and starting a new relationship, for example, how to let go of the fears and doubts from the previous experiences. Having a medical understanding of what triggers negative  emotions in our brain, helped me teach my clients not only how to control those emotions but also how to replace negative emotions with positive ones. 

The 3 Steps in Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching works on improving relationships with the people you care about. 

The first step is about the WHAT and the WHO.
Evaluating the current situation you are in, asking yourself:
Which relationship would I like to work on, to improve?
What are the things I value about my life, my relationship?
What would I like to improve, see and feel more of? 

The next step is about the WHY. 

Having a better understanding of what is important to you and why
Ask yourself:
Why do I want to have this change?
How would this change impact my life, my relationship/s ?

And the final step in relationship coaching is about the HOW.
Building a plan and working towards your relationship goal/s. Slowly reduce the fear, doubt, or any negative emotion, confidently replace it with a positive emotion. 

I love my job. I get to use my passion, excitement, curiosity and skills to help men and women be happier, confident, and enjoy life more. 



Today, after over 25 years in Zürich, and with a large beautiful network here, I help my clients find love locally. As a Relationship coach, and being in a loving relationship for over 24 years, I help couples communicate clearly to avoid emotional distance. And I also teach them how to maintain intimacy built on trust and respect.

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