Am I in a Healthy Relationship

Am I in a Healthy Relationship?

Welcome to Our Relationship Health Quiz!

🌟 Curious to find out more about the dynamics of your relationship? 🌟

You’re in the right place! This quick and insightful quiz is designed to help you uncover patterns in your relationship that you might not have noticed. Whether you’re sailing smooth seas or navigating choppy waters, understanding your relationship better is the first step towards nurturing and strengthening your bond.

👉 What to Expect?

  • A few minutes of fun,  12 Multiple choice questions.
  • Insights into how your interactions with your partner may be influencing your relationship’s health.
  • Helpful tips tailored to your results at the end.

💡 Ready to dive in? Simply answer the questions as honestly as possible. There’s no right or wrong here—just different ways to help you reflect on and improve your relationship dynamics.

Press Start whenever you are ready!

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