Healthy Relationship

Happy Relationship

Getting what you want in your private life doesn’t mean you need to divert your attention away from your successful career.You know what you want, or what has not worked for in previous relationships = Your values You remember how good it felt to be in a happy relationship, and if this is something you have …

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Goal setting

Goal setting

What would I like to accomplish today? I start every day with this question. Doing it away from my desk and any distractions. Somewhere I can fill up my lungs with fresh air, my head with creative thoughts and ideas. Where is that place for you? What gets your creative juices flowing? What does it for me is …

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coaching on the go

Coaching on the go

Waiting for my client to have our Bi-weekly lunch session outdoors.  A casual and effective way to working together on creating my clients healthy work-life balance.  Outdoor sessions are a fun way to come up with creative solutions, open discussions, and moving forward. All whilebreathing fresh air, getting some vitamin D and stretching our legs.   …

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