Intimacy in Marriage

By Sharon Eriksson

Intimacy in marriage | positive and lovely couples after marriage therapy

Deepen Your Connection: Intimacy Enhanced by Neuroscience

Maintaining a healthy relationship, both physically and emotionally, demands continual effort. If the frequency of shared quality moments or the affectionate gestures have lessened, know that you’re not in this alone.  The excitement and passion that were once effortless can often be overshadowed by the comfort and routine of daily life. Questions like, “How can I surprise my partner after so many years?” or “How do we reignite passion that feels long forgotten?” are common.  While the ‘honeymoon phase’ may seem like a distant memory, the feelings from those initial days are still there, we need to surface them. By making deliberate changes in how you interact with each other, in a way that resonate more with your partner’s perspective, those early emotions can be reignited. It’s about understanding and speaking your partner’s emotional language. If you seek change, it’s crucial to communicate in a way that your partner understands and values. This strategic shift in communication can revitalize the connection and intimacy you share, bringing those early feelings of excitement and affection back to the forefront of your relationship.

Strengthen Emotional Bonds through Neuroscience and Coaching

Reviving passion and welcoming intimacy sometimes means stepping away from your comfort zone and using knowledge you share. The first step is ensuring transparency and acknowledging mutual respect.

Over time, many couples experience a decline in meaningful communication. Exchanging daily happenings becomes routine, lacking a deeper connection.

Rebuilding this bond requires openness and willingness to explore new adventures together, openly sharing your wishes. Couples often hesitate to express their deeper needs due to fear of judgement or embarrassment. However, diving into these discussions can significantly deepen trust and connection. We will take it in small, and enjoyable steps.

Navigating through Toxic Behaviour

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