A new relationship

By Sharon Eriksson

a new relationship: find the love in Zürich

The number one reason a relationship ends is miscommunication, most commonly when a couple starts dating.

In the beginning of a relationship when you start getting to know one another, the best way of building trust is through good communication skills. Connecting by listening to your partner, asking questions and sharing feelings helps deepen the connection, and deepening the intimacy. There are many reasons for relationship conflicts. Here are a few examples: Having unrealistic expectations from each other based mostly on previous experiences. Inability to reveal your feelings to each other which leads to resentment, anger and emotional distance. As you do not yet know each other well, you have difficulties in expressing yourself in a clear way. Which leaves your partner confused. You don’t want to sound complicated or demanding so you often tend to agree to things you don’t really want or like. And at some point when you feel more confident to make the change, you struggle with how to explain the sudden need of doing things differently.

The beginning of a relationship is exciting and new. There is so much to discover, to explore explore with your new romantic partner.

When we decide to start dating, we are putting our energy, our hopes, our wishes all into this one special person. While enjoying “the moment”, it is important to pay close attention to your relationship dynamics and take the time to understand if your plans, your wishes, match theirs. Personal growth is an important part in every healthy and long lasting relationship. Pay attention to your new partners values, meaning, what is important to them to have? How do they identify themselves?  The goals they have set for themselves, do they match yours?  Imagine your desired future, how would you like it to look? What’s in it? And when you compare it to his/hers, are they aligned with yours?  
smiling young woman embracing laughing: this is the goal of a new relationship

As a love coach and mediator, I offer relationship advice to men and women, who are in the beginning of a new relationship, avoid the common issues that build mistrust by practicing healthy communication, forming trust and gaining respect.

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