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The Love Coach

By Sharon Eriksson

Sharon Eriksson

Hi, I am Sharon Eriksson 

Everywhere we turn, relationships shape our lives: from our partners to our families, from colleagues to friends. Yet, opening up—truly sharing our emotions and desires—can set off a cascade of reactions.

As a Relationship Coach and Mediator, I empower my clients to voice their feelings in a manner that not only earns them understanding and respect but also drives the change they seek.

  • Embarking on the dating journey? Learn to make a lasting first impression.
  • Just started a relationship? Discover how to ensure both of you are in sync.
  • Missing the spark in a long-term commitment? Uncover ways to rekindle the passion, both the emotionally and physically.

After nearly 25 years with my husband, I’ve come to know that sustaining a vibrant, fulfilling relationship is anchored in effort, mutual trust, and respect. At its heart? Transparent communication.

I’m Sharon, your dedicated guide in the journey of love.

I’m eager to learn about your story. But first, let me share a bit more about my own journey to becoming a Relationship Coach

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