Give and receive LOVE

By Sharon Eriksson

Give and receive love

Embracing Relationship Coaching for Love and Growth

As The Love Coach, my mission is to guide individuals and couples towards healthier, more passionate, and happier relationships.  

Love is a two-way street, and I firmly believe that to give love effectively, we must also be experienced at receiving it. Through relationship coaching, I help complete this love circle, ensuring that my clients experience the depth and richness of affection in their lives.

Back in 2016, I became a certified Relationship Coach, emphasizing the transformative power of love. When we offer love, we’re not just expressing an emotion – we’re extending a part of ourselves, fostering trust, vulnerability, and an ever-deepening bond. In strengthening relationships, the act of giving and receiving love creates an environment where partners feel cherished and empowered, ultimately fostering open communication and shared growth.


The Blend of Negotiations & Relationship Coaching

In 2021, I dived into the world of Negotiations, realizing its immense potential in relationship coaching. Empowering my clients with enhanced

listening skills, attention to details, understanding body language, and mastering the art of being truly present in conversations has been transformative.

The couples I’ve had the privilege to work with have found these communication skills invaluable, especially when discussing changes in their relationships.
Change is seldom easy, with the right guidance and Couples Help, transitions become smoother. If you ever find yourself in a relationship crossroad, it’s time to embrace relationship coaching and use it to rejuvenate your romantic life.


Sharon Eriksson love coach in Switzerland

Neuroplasticity & Self-Development in Couples Therapy

2022 brought me insights into Neuroplasticity, the brain’s magnificent ability to adapt and grow. With this knowledge, I’ve been able to assist clients in overcoming emotional hurdles, fostering new behaviours, and developing positive habits that strengthen relationships.

Understanding why we feel the way we feel, how to control emotions and strengthen our cognitive logical thinking when making certain decisions. 


Three Steps in Relationship Coaching

Identifying the WHAT and WHO:
Begin by assessing your current relationship dynamics. Which relationship needs attention? What aspects do you cherish, and which areas require improvement


Understanding the WHY:

Dig deeper into your motivations. Why do you seek change? How will it reshape your relationship and life?


Mapping out the HOW:

Develop a roadmap towards achieving your relationship goals. Through Couples Therapy, we’ll tackle negative emotions head-on, replacing them with positivity and clarity.


Romantic Relationships

Today, having spent over 27 years in Zürich and nurturing a vast network, I assist clients in finding love locally. With over a quarter-century in a loving relationship myself, I leverage my experiences and expertise as a Relationship Coach. I aim to eliminate emotional distances, promote clear communication, and teach couples how to cultivate intimacy rooted in trust and respect.

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