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Elevate Your Relationship with Targeted Online Coaching

As The Love Coach, I specialise in guiding individuals and couples towards healthier, more passionate, and fulfilling relationships through expert online coaching. Based in Zürich, I support individuals and couples balance their demanding careers with their personal lives. My online coaching is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, providing practical solutions and profound insights to enhance your relationship. Since becoming a certified Relationship Coach in 2016, I have focused on the transformative aspects of building strong, resilient relationships. Effective relationships require more than just expressing feelings; they involve fostering trust, showing vulnerability, and continuously strengthening the bond between partners. My approach enhances how partners give and receive love, promoting open communication, and mutual growth

Integrating Negotiation Skills into Relationship Coaching

In 2021, I expanded my expertise by studying Negotiations at Harvard, recognising the vital role these skills play in relationship dynamics. My clients learn essential skills such as active listening, attention to detail, understanding body language, and maintaining presence in conversations. These techniques are crucial for managing significant changes and turning relationship challenges into opportunities for rejuvenation and growth.
Sharon Eriksson love coach in Switzerland

Leveraging Neuroscience for Relationship Enhancement

In 2022, I delved into Neuroplasticity with BrainFirst, understanding the brain’s ability to adapt and evolve. This cutting-edge knowledge allows me to help couples overcome issues, improve communication, and rebuild trust. By blending neuroscience with negotiation skills, I provide couples with tools to express themselves clearly and confidently, even in emotionally charged situations. I have developed specific techniques to address fears of conflict or rejection, reducing anxiety and enhancing mutual understanding. Emphasising mindfulness and self-reflection, I help individuals recognise and articulate their emotions and needs assertively. Additionally, insights from cultural neuroscience enable couples to respect their cultural contexts while expressing their needs, leading to the adoption of positive behaviours and habits that strengthen their relationship.

Three Steps to Transformative Relationship Coaching

Identifying the WHAT and WHO:

Start by assessing your current relationship dynamics. Identify which relationships need attention and what aspects you cherish or need improvement.

Understanding the WHY:
Explore your motivations for seeking change. Consider how these changes will reshape your relationship and life.

Mapping out the HOW:
Develop a strategic roadmap to achieve your relationship goals. Through Couples Therapy, we’ll confront negative emotions directly, replacing them with positivity and clarity.

Romantic Relationships

My Journey and Commitment to Your Success Today, having spent over 28 years in Zürich and nurturing a vast network, I assist clients in finding love locally. With over a quarter-century in a loving relationship myself, I draw upon my personal experiences and expertise as a Relationship Coach. I aim to eliminate emotional distances, promote clear communication, and teach couples how to cultivate intimacy rooted in trust and respect.

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