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Relationship Dating in Zurich

By Sharon Eriksson

Join weekly dinners, afterwork drinks and wine tastings with serious, driven singles and start dating in Zurich. Discover a new way of networking! These events are designed to help you connect in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

I`m Sharon and since 2015, I have been organising regular events in Zürich for expats as well as events for singles. What I noticed was that, however small and well planned my events were, some participants left without connecting with the people they wanted to get to know better. Why is that? Well, could be for example, the loud music made it harder to have a conversation.  The amount of people, deciding who to connect with. Or even the the fact that person they were curious about was chatting with, was busy talking to someone else. Walking towards someone you have never met, and starting a conversation, especially if you really like them, can be kind of daunting. 

In Dinner-Dating.ch you get to go on small dinners with 6-8 participants who are not only your age but also, serious about being in a relationship.

You will enjoy a fun and casual dinner together, easily connect and get to know everyone around the table. And at the end of the evening, exchange your contacts and see what happens… The dinner will be in a beautiful and central location and you will be welcomed with a drink. 


Whether you are looking to start a family, meet someone for the next stage of your life, or start dating after a divorce, use your time, your energy and your money on meeting and dating the kind of people you enjoy having around you.


single corner: find love in Zürich. Too busy for dating? find the love!
Dating in Zurich

Full confidentiality

I respect and protect the privacy of my clients to the highest level. The information you share with me will not be shared with anyone. Once you choose to connect with a potential date, we will agree on what information you would like to share with them in order to match the two of you.

Recognize potential bad experiences before they happen

Dating the wrong person can be disappointing, a waste of time, or downright unpleasant for both of you. I provide the support you need to spot warning signs before they develop into an unpleasant situation.

Save yourself time

Signing up to multiple online dating sites, going on blind dates and parties surrounded with people you have little in common with will not guarantee that you will come any closer to finding love. Save yourself the trouble and money with higher quality dates and matches.

Go for quality over quantity

Being a part of a huge database of singles does not guarantee your chance of meeting your ideal partner. My continuously growing network is based on who my clients are and what they are looking for.

Meet high quality single men and women

Your profile will be assessed by a professional dating coach, and NOT just by a computer algorithm. This way, I can find the best possible local match for you.

Find a high level of compatibility with a partner

Using my experience and the information I have gathered while talking with you, I will suggest potential dating partners specially handpicked just for you.

Find out more !

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