Experience a thriving romantic relationship

By Sharon Eriksson


You are ready to embark on this journey.You've found happiness in your new romantic relationship. Is your partner equally eager and committed? if you both share the same page, and pave the way for a lifetime of love and fulfilment


Reignite the flame in your romantic relationship with transformative relationship coaching. Every love journey encounters rough phases, but with our guidance, you'll learn to navigate them with respect, empathy, and crystal-clear communication. Learn how to rebuild trust.


Discover new ways to express feelings, strengthen your bond, and bring more romance into your romantic relationship.
Romantic Relationships

Work With Me

What can you expect from us working together?

Relationships are everywhere and are important for our well being and development. We want to give a receive love, enjoy s strong and fulfilling connection and embrace and open and and empathic way of communicating. Once we are in such romantic relationships, we needs to continue making an effort.

we evolve, grow, our needs and wishes may change.  But they are not always easy. Every romantic relationship with no exception reaches crossroads, where we need to pause, reflect, make necessary changes to improve towards a happier and healthier place. 

During our free 30min Zoom call I get an understanding about what you would like to have, enjoy more of or change in your life. 

I will also share ideas of ways we could work together towards your goal. I will get in touch with you after a few days with more specific ideas of working together and if you like them, we will set up another call to discuss further. 
There are mainly 3 groups of clients I work with: 

Single looking to meet and date mainly around Zürich.  

New Partners looking to better communicate so they can understand if the relationship they are in is the right one for them.

And Couples who have been together for years and have drifted apart. Looking to rekindle their passion and intimacy. 

Here are examples of coaching packages for clients who are looking to be in a relationship. 


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