Building Relationships

There is no difference in how we build personal or working relationships  

Relationships are key to our well being, our motivation, our success, our creativity, our productivity and our happiness.  

The quality we see in these relationships determines the effort we are willing to put into them. How invested we are in maintaining them, nurturing them. 
This applies both in our business and private life. 

Our working relationships are different to the one we have with our spouse, however, the set of tools we need as a foundation to any healthy relationship are identical. 

Trust, Respect and Clear Communication. 

In other words, we can apply the knowledge and experience we gained on HOW to achieve trust, respect and clear communication from one part of our life to the other. 
* communicating more often, checking out on how everyone is feeling? What can be improved? 

* Listen to feedback, even if there are things you don’t really want to hear. 

* Compliment, when you see something you like, a positive change, an innovative effort

* Share ideas, explore possibilities, have fun being creative. Being part of a team, whether it’s a team of two (at home) or more in the office. 

Build trust and respect through open communication in every relationship. 

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