How to achieve your personal Goals?

What I often hear from my clients when I ask the question: Why do you think you are currently not in a relationship? Is that they were fully invested in building their career and had no time to work on their personal goals. 

We also feel that it is somewhat easier  to focus on things rather than people. Tasks rather than feeling. 

Attaining your desires and working on your personal goals such as finding a partner to start a family with, work on improving the intimacy in your relationship,  dealing with a crisis requires a different kind of emotional energy. However, taking the time to work on your personal goals does not entail diverting your focus from your thriving career. Your aspirations, shaped by your prior experiences and lessons from past relationships, are a reflection of your core values.

Your core values are the things you need to have in order to be happy. Love and affection is often one of them and therefore investing the time and energy in achieving your personal goals is as important. Being happy at home enables you to manage challenges and resolve problems. 

The echo of contentment resonates as you recall the joys of a fulfilling relationship. And if it is something you have not yet explored, wouldn’t you want to make it happen? This should be your motivation.

Now that you have established what your core values are and you have the motivation to pursue it, you have found your drive to push yourself to take the first step to a happier and healthier more balanced life.  

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