The best way to respond if your date is asking you: Where do things stand between Us?

Women I coach often share with me that as a result of asking: “Where do things stand between us?”, the energy in the relationship changes.
This video is for both men and women to understand: Why is it so important for women to ask this question? Consequently, why do men feel so pressured when asked this question, even though they are happy? And finally, how to keep the communication between both of you clear and simple.

You meet and start dating someone you like, and as you get to know them better you think, wow, I really like their personality, the vision for the future, we are attracted to each other and have a lot in common. AND….I would like to know where things are going. In Most cases, its the woman who feels that before she invests emotionally more into this relationship, she would like to know if they are on the same page regarding the future. For the man, it sometimes comes as a surprise or he simply needs more time. This video is for both men and women to understand both sides, and why often, things change in the relationships energy when addressing this question Joy Mcadams.
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